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IDECSI's technology

Innovative security technology for a real-time audit.

IDECSI ACCESS ANALYZER implements truly innovative technological concepts:

  • Big data: to improve the knowledge of profiles evaluated in real-time
  • Machine learning and context-aware system: ensures the correct use of rules to identify cases of confidentiality breach and the processes that allow the system to dynamically create self-learning rules
  • Event management: for real-time processing of information and triggering due to any type of event
  • Mobile geolocation: to reinforce analysis in case of stolen identity
5 advanced and powerful technologies 


  • IDECSI ACCESS ANALYZER constantly scans logs and all access points in real time to verify the identity of requesters.
  • IDECSI ACCESS ANALYZER does not read any content and has no rights to access the data within emails of the company.
  • IDECSI ACCESS ANALYZER is distributed in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) or "On premise". No one from inside the company can modify the system.
  • IDECSI ACCESS ANALYZER is neither intrusive nor disruptive. The solution is based on generating and analyzing logs so it respects the standards of security infrastructure.