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  • Continuous protection for important email accounts

Continuous protection for important email accounts

Real-time alert and intelligent alarm system

  • Detects and identifies all confidentiality breaches
  • No impact to users
  • Automatically adapts & decides who should be protected
  • Immediate, customised protection
  • Flexible subscriptions

Easy to use, superior technology, for continuous protection.

Two core security functions

Step 1. Make your inbox 100% safe.

Immediately after installation, IDECSI’S ACCESS ANALYZER checks the integrity of your mailbox to catch potential malicious threats.

Step 2. Ensure it remains safe.

Continuous protection ensures that no one can copy, read or change the mailboxes confidentiality posture. Any breach is immediately detected, irrespective of the method used.

Email Access Protection


Advanced settings

Using accurate and fully customised parameters, IDECSI ACCESS ANALYZER allows the users to define who are legitimate alert recipients are, depending on what the type of irregular activity is.